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Atma Shatkam

It was just by chance we’ve chosen Shivo’ham to chant together at the end of a workshop on Indian philosophy. It so happened that this poem (Shloka) beautifully summarized what we’ve learned! We don’t want to keep it for ourselves. Here are the lyrics with the meaning: ODT, PDF. And some samples from YouTube: Sudha Malhotra in In great Indian classical styole, the favourite of all the Indian participants! Unfortunately… Read Article →


Rain in Lonavla

It was a complete surprise and a nostaligia for me how much it can rain in this Indian town close to Mumbai. Since a good week it rains in one stream, there was a glimpse of the sun for minutes a couple of times, no more. One night of heavy rain turned my garden in to a pond. The amazing thing is, a couple of hours later the water was… Read Article →